Displaying usernames by servername

If you connect to a server with server- and username, it will add a tab to the servertabs.

When you connect to only one server with several users, it will display sometimes the wrong username by the servername.


connecting to FOOBAR with user FOO, creates a tab with title "FOOBAR - FOO". - correct.
further connecting to FOOBAR with another user BAR, will also create a tab with the title "FOOBAR - FOO". - not correct!

This bug isn't so minor, i never know with which user i connected to!

That's very frustrating - in the most cases, i have to connect again to ensure, i'll connect with the right user

If you only used "Update Favorites Item" after you change the username you also have do rename the item, SmartFTP only creates the display name for the first connect.

Goto "Favorites->Edit Favorites" folder "Quick Connect" here you can rename the entries as you want.