Virtual Memory usage

Hi Mat,

I think there is some sort of leak in the usage of Virtual Memory by SmartFTP. I leave SmartFTP minimized in tray with recurring tasks and gradually it uses all OS VM until it crashes.

When it crashes the bug report dialog pops up and SmartFTP keeps running the recurring tasks until someone "Exit" or "Send" the bug report, for that reason SmartFTP generates several Minidumps I'm sending you to sales (at)



What version of SmartFTP are you running? Please post the system information which you can find in the menu: Help->About dialog.

What kind of tasks do you have scheduled?

Thank you.

Can you figure out which of these tasks causes the memory leaks?

And how to reproduc it? How long do we have to wait? How can it be forced?

Please try again with the latest version .12

It fixes a small memory leak which may have caused the problems you are seeing.


Ah! I forgot! You may not remember this from my last bug reports but I run SmartFTP through RDC.

Anyway, when I start SmartFTP and minimize it to the tray it uses 1.1MB of RAM and 7.8MB of VM. 13 hours later and having run 1x big sync (>60000 files) and 31x log syncs it is already using 87MB of RAM and 156MB of VM.

I'll now try the latest version and later I tell you how it performed.

Thanks speedy developer!

We have also noticed during our tests that memory gets lost by the OS itself (e.g. Winsock, OLE). Our memory tracker no longer reports any leaks but it's not a guarantuee that our code is leak free.

Now it seems to be perfect but let's wait some hours more to confirm this.

Good morning Mat,

These are my findings about the problem.

After the big sync (>60000 files) ends memory usage is something like 113MB of used RAM to SmartFTP and 158MB of used VM to SmartFTP also. As soon as I restore the minimized SmartFTP from tray and minimize it again to tray SmartFTP RAM usage goes down to 3MB and VM usage doesn't change.

So it seems that minimize to tray procedure releases no longer needed RAM and VM used for big tasks is not properlly released those tasks ending.

I had the same problems too and I remember only formating helped.

Opuz: Yes, thats how the memory managementw works in Windows. To my knowledge the VM memory usage displayed in Windows is not accurate anyway.


SmartFTP keeps crashing frequently but now I'm not sure if the problem is the same. I've sent an e-mail with the minidump file. (minidump file was created by v2.0.996.13)

The crash is in the OLE module (oleaut32.dll). Insufficient memory. You are just running out of memory.


All known Handle, USER and GDI leaks have been fixed in a recent version. That migh have been the reason of the high memory usage.