Problems selecting files for upload

I've searched the forum and not found any reference to this.

I have long used and loved v1.5 and was pretty excited about 2.0. I got in trouble right off the bat though.

I wanted to upload 78 files out of a single directory on my hard drive to an FTP site. I connected to the site and went to the directory I wanted to upload to. I right clicked on the directory, selected Upload and Global Queue. I picked Select. I get the add files dialog and choose to Add File (not Add Folders). I navigate to the directory and select all the files and click Open.

None of the files show in the dialog. After playing with it, I've determined that I can select about eight files at a time and it will work. If I pick much more than eight, nothing will be picked. It took me a long time to pick my 78 files, eight at a time!



Cool - thanks, I'll check it out.


I am still having the same issue as originally reported on this bug for upload or download when using the que. The only way I can get a file it to bypass the que using CTRL-T to download a file.

When trying to upload it is always waiting for server and times out. No matter when I drag and drop: to a folder, blank area etc.

Are there any other suggestions? I've follow the tutoiral but it doesn't help.

Thank you.