Keyboard Hot Keys not working

I own the Microsoft Internet Keyboard. While working with SmartFTP, I cannot use hot keys such as My computer or Calculator, which is very handy.

Note: The keys are working with other applications

Hello ..

Thank you for reporting this bug. Unfortunately I don't have a keyboard with any specials keys to test it. Thats why I have to ask you to try the following sample application:

If it doesn't work then it's a problem with the GUI framework we use.

Thank you

I tested the sample. The hot keys are working while I am writing for example in a TextBox.

Thank you.

In the meanwhile we have tested the latest version of SmartFTP on Windows XP with a Microsoft Intelitype Pro keyboard but we didn't see any problems.

In SmartFTP you cannot use them in any case - regardless where the focus is?

I cannot use them in the main form. While managing favorites, viewing the About form hot keys work.

Note: I have not installed IntelliType

Please make a list of controls where the hot keys don't work. Do you have a Local Browser open/focused? Is a Remote Browser open/focused?

Thank you

remote browser (folder View & folder list listboxes)
Log textbox
Transfer queue Listbox
Temporary queue listbox
connections listbox
speed pane
username & password textboxes
server url dropdown
location dropdown
port textbox

The problem occurs on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista.


Therefore it works in the Local Browser?


neither in local browser controls

What theme are you using in SmartFTP? Settings -> Interface. Does it make a difference if you use a different theme?