Failure to upload edited file when name contains "<" or ">" on Windows NTFS

Well, I think the title was descriptive enough to get whats going on.
When you edit a file with F7, it gets saved to the Windows temp folder as usual. BUT if its name has a "<" or ">" which is legal on most Linux file systems it gets converted to "_" on Windows NTFS because its one of the special characters that can't be in an NTFS filename: / \ < > : * ? ( ) |
So when you try and upload it, it doesn't upload right because SmartFTP looks for < or > in the filename but doesn't find it. (thus file editing fails but not visibly)

SmartFTP v2.5.1006
Big list of system stats:

Problem confirmed. Fix coming in next version.

Updated, but now whenever I open that one type of filename it gets force loaded in Word?
I have the default editor in SmartFTP set to Notepad++, the Windows association for .html files to that too, and a blah.html file in the same directory works fine.

What's the name of your file?

[codebox]Tutorial to Edit Super Mario Levels --> CLICK HERE <--.html[/codebox]
Part of an FTP I put some stuff on for my friends.

Hello ..

Thanks. I'm unable to reproduce it. I have set .html to open with notepad.exe (my default editor is something else) and the file opens in notepad.exe when I click on Edit. When I click on Open it opens in Internet Explorer.


I think I found out why:
When I right click the file and choose edit from the context menu it opens in Word the same way as in SFTP, so it appears that SFTP is using that as well.

So, I deleted all Microsoft stuff at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm\OpenWithList and it should work fine now, after a logout.
*goes to test*

Found out its actually HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\shell\Edit that I should delete, seeing as I don't use edit in the menu for html files anyways.
(you can edit the command at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\shell\Edit\command)
*logs out to test*