Local Browser "jumping"

Hi, I've got a really annoying problem with SmartFTP that's ruining an otherwise great piece of software.

In my local browser window, if I try and scroll up or down to browse, the window randomly "jumps" back to the currently highlighted folder. It can do this 10 times in a row or not at all, and makes actually finding a local folder an irritating experience in the extreme. The same thing happens to a couple of the other guys in the studio as well.

Is there a fix for this?


Sorry but i not understand what you mean? And please post the version information from the about dialog.

Hi Mike,

Version 2.0.997

My local browser in smartftp has a scrollbar, because there's hundreds of folders on our shared network. If I'm currently looking in /aardvark/, so the contents of the aardvark folder is displaying in the local browser's right-hand frame, then use the folder view scrollbar to scroll down to /zebra/, the folder will "jump" back up to /aardvark/ (which is highlighted). It does it continually and it's really annoying.

Please update to the latest version, if the problem occurs again make a detailed report and if possible some screenshots to describe the problem.

Sorry Mike, I thought 2.0.997 *was* the latest version.

It will be impossible to take a screenshot of this issue because it involves the contents of the window moving.

OK the download link from your front page, although it says is 2.0.1000, actually downloads 2.0.997.

I've found 2.0.1000 from another download site but the problem persists. Can you help?

Hello ..

Please explain in detail what you are doing and the result of your actions are. It would help if you make a small movie (see readme in the Bug Report forum).

Thank you

There is no such read me file in the bug reports section.

In detail I am:

* Opening the local browser window in SmartFTP, which contains hundreds of folders
* Let's say /aardvark/ is at the top of this window, and is highlighted (active)
* I scroll down to /zebra/
* Pause of 3-4 seconds
* Local browser jumps back up to /aardvark/ of it's own accord.

I don't know how many other ways I can type out the same problem. Can you help?

Here's a video (awful quality, sadly):


As you can see, I scroll down the local folders window, and after 3-4 seconds (the flashing is due to the CamStudio software) the window jumps back up again to it's original point. I'm not pressing or moving anything at all.

Hello ...

Sorry I can't see what's wrong. Do you think there is any chance you can post a higher quality movie?

Thank you for your time and efforts.

I see the problem and look for a solution.

Thanks for reporting

Thanks Mike, I appreciate your help. Look forward to hearing your findings.

Any update on this? It's happening to my colleague as well.

We can reproduce it but we have no solution yet.