Settings Not Saving

No matter how many times I reinstall, change settings, save settings, my settings are not being saved. Once i exit the program, they are gone.

Im referring to the main settings of things like "Confirm overwrite, confirm disconnect, etc.." everything in the preferences screen, nothing gets saved.

Is this a problem with me only, or is it a limitation of the trail version?

It's a problem with your registry permissions. Use regedit.exe and set the permissions correctly in the HCKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP branch. When searching the forum you will find more detailed instructions.

I have looked in the forums, but i appearently dont know what to search for in order to find the instructions cause I cant find any other topics regarding this... does anyone have the link to the other topics with the solutions?


I uninstalled again and downloaded the beta version, it seems to be working just fine.