Remote Folder listing not refreshing automatically

Using v999 or v999.5 when dragging and dropping a file into a remote destination folder (right click and choosing 'transfer' rather than 'queue'), following the transfer it is necessary to do a refresh to see the new file in the remote folder. Prior to v999 you only had to do a refresh if you transfered it via queue (rather than transfer operation). Transfer would/should automatically refresh the target remote folder following a 'transfer'.

It would be nice to have a parameter somewhere that you could set to automatically do a refresh (or not) of a remote folder following either a 'queue' or 'transfer' operation. For performances sake you could also stipulate whether the refresh should take place at the end of each file that was transferred or at the end of the operation (if multiple files were being transferred).


I would love to have this option.
I think having to manually refresh after uploading a file is just an extra step
that I don't care for.

When will the REFRESH be fixed...because it's VERY ANNOYING, and enogh to make me switch programs...

Hello ..

Try the newest version from:

The directory refereshs again after an upload (direct only).