Resuming compatibility

Hi, check the file exist rules, also be sure of ussing the 996.xx builds, it fixes some file exist rule problems.

I'm using the latest beta build.

I've restored "File Exist" to its default settings but I get the same behavior.

I've also set "Resume Rollback" to "1" (the GUI has a note that says "A non zero resume rollback forces a REST command to be sent") but I still get the same behavior.

Your server doesn't allow you to use the FEAT nor the SIZE command?

SmartFTP cannot work properly with such restrictions.


Hi Mat,

This server is not mine. It's a Sony corporate FTP server using vsFTPd v2.0.3.

I know that if you changed SmartFTP resuming implementation you must have done it following protocol rules however it seems to me that the REST command before the RETR wouldn't hurt anyone and would make SmartFTP a bit more tolerant with misconfigured FTP servers.

Anyway, shouldn't "Resume Rollback" different from "0" force the REST command before RETR?