Auto column sizing does not take header into account


auto column sizing (not matter whether "By Contents" or "By View") does not take the column header width into account. For long header names but short content names, this results in the column header not being completely readable (it's abbreviates with ".."). I think auto sizing should not make a columns smaller than its header name in any case.

If we support both it can consume much time on large directories.

Why? Taking the column header width into account should take a constant time, no matter how many directory entries there are. Just perform an autosize as it works now, then read all column widths, and enlarge them to the column header name width if they are smaller.

I have finally updated my version of smartFTP to 2.0.1002 and the columns in list veiw are driving me nuts.

No matter if auto size is on or off, they are impossible to see. all i get is the first 2 or 3 letters then .... making navigation very ewwy. It is fine in local browser, but in remote browser it is just horrible. I tried unistalling and putting old one back in but then nothing works, so i resintalled new one.

i have tinkered with other settings and cannot figure out how to fix it or what i am doing wrong.

only details and large icon displays seem to be behaving themselves, but with large folder counts, even then they are difficutl to get around.

have uninstalled and reinstalled and now it seems to be behaving itself so far