Bug or intended this way?

The topic title says it all. Integrity check works OK with queued transfers but it doesn't with direct ones. Or at least I can't see any signs of an integrity check (XCRC command) in the log that appears in the log window for direct transfers.

Is this intentional behavior or a bug? Please tell me in either case. I use ver. 2.5 build 1006 and the server is Serv-U


BTW.: In a related topic you (mb) write that XCRC is only supported by a small minority of FTP servers. Well, that may have been so in the past but nowadays I see that even very basic servers like e.g. the rather dumb Quick 'n Easy support XCRC (no partial check, though).

Hello ...

It's by design. In a future version all transfers will go through the Transfer Queue. We already recommend to use the Transfer Queue for all transfers.

The problem with the integrity checks are the FTP servers under *nix. Beside my patch for proftpd I haven't see any other implementation yet.


Thank you for the prompt answer!