Exporting private key


2003-10-09 21:50:26

I created a certificate and allowed for the key to be exportable, but when I use the export wizard to export the private key it fails saying the parameter is invalid........ what parameter? Any help would be appreciated. I saw the announcement for version 974 had fixed the export private key problem, I am using 979 and it doesn't seem to work.


2003-10-09 22:20:26

Exporting private key(s) are succesful everytime here.

Please take a moment at the Read Me and supply the incomplete information you forgot to include. Thank you.


2003-10-10 13:12:07

Here's the system info:

+- System -----------------------------

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Service Pack 4 (Build 2195)

CPU Speed : 1993 MHz
Total Memory : 1047856 KB
Free Memory : 757164 KB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------

Version : 1.0.979.3
Time Stamp : 2003-10-06 07:34:26

+- Application DLL --------------------

controls.dll : 1.6.979.3
ftpapi.dll : 2.0.979.3
language.dll : 1.0.979.3
reseng.dll : 1.3.979.3
smarthook.dll :

+- System DLL -------------------------

shell32.dll : 5.00.3700.6705
shlwapi.dll : 6.00.2800.1226
comctl32.dll : 5.81
riched20.dll :
schannel.dll : 5.00.2195.6705

+- Internet Explorer ------------------

Version : 6.0.2800.1106

+- Winsock ----------------------------

Winsock : 2.2

Here are the step taken:

After creating a certificate in smartFTP (I did check the allow key to be exportable box) I clicked on Cert Manager, clicked on the new cert, clicked on export....clicked next, checked 'yes,export the private key',clicked next, left the default of pfx and strong protection checked, clicked next, put in a password 2x, clicked next, file to export comes up and I put in a file name , click next, the completing cert wizard window comes up, clicked finish, received error window with an OK button that says only: The export failed. The parameter is incorrect


2003-10-10 17:11:10

Thank you for your bug report but we cannot reproduce the problem here.

The "Cert Manager" is part of Microsoft Windows. Thus we have no control over it's functionality.



2003-10-10 18:25:49

It works on an XP box don't know why it doesnt work on 2000 pro. Thanks for the assistance.