Bug Reports - Version 3.x (Read Only)

SmartFTP 64-bit 3.0.1034 and Windows 7 x64 RC3chris.lynch.hp@gmail.com2009-07-15 00:31:37
Existing file dialog fonts7derekcohen2009-07-02 07:58:05
Deleting within history pulldown does not work2FatiguedOne2009-06-28 18:20:11
Deleting folder with Permission Denied looks like it worked5plugnplay2009-06-27 04:30:25
Address/Login bar update4Obliterator2009-06-20 21:28:21
SmartFTP crashes during long back-up8howard-moore2009-05-30 07:26:15
18 Workspaces causes trouble4webbj742009-05-29 15:41:47
Frequent failed transfert of file4Edtech2009-05-28 07:29:49
Decconection on directory listing4Edtech2009-05-28 07:08:55
Director Listing Problem5jfm2009-05-15 08:56:53
Crash when changing a file, that was previously monitored6hardipe2009-05-14 13:44:34
Temporäre Warteschlange4B4c4rd12009-05-13 09:00:23
Delete Fails in Search Results6npiaseck2009-05-12 20:08:59
scheduling2niweather2009-05-12 10:10:17
File icons in browsers & remote bookmarks7staley2009-04-26 07:27:28
Settings -> Interface -> Size Display format4staley2009-04-16 13:23:28
SmartFTP causes Access Violation Error2nrshapiro2009-04-06 13:32:20
Crash on removing 1 duplicate Monitored file of 2 that have previously uploaded9hardipe2009-04-05 07:48:59
Crash in every other edit and edits out of sync with server6froamer2009-03-20 15:52:06
Update wipes out Favorites and License on Vista2headalien2009-03-18 16:24:17
Renaming favourites crashes SmartFTP6danifer2009-03-06 09:37:12
No Status info on Win7 x643cloken2009-03-06 06:11:40
Cannot add/edit favourites24tomh732009-03-03 13:43:14
Error with extension9Edtech2009-02-13 18:52:36
Not resolving host name correct10siljestrom2009-02-09 10:23:33
Local folder opening on connect messed up2hardipe2009-02-07 08:06:24
URL Watcher -> Connect4atDev2009-01-22 19:27:44
Opening folder containing lot of subfolder4Seb333002009-01-17 19:43:15
Version 3.0.1025.04 crasch on 2 PCs4rummice2009-01-14 20:42:00
Latest Beta - Corrupting Files5vforums2009-01-14 10:06:09
The all files in subfolders shows in root folder2dentist152009-01-13 15:35:15
V3 Crash on Startup- Won't open. Run Time Error2schleef2009-01-12 20:11:18
Favorites causes program to terminate (still)4acollis2009-01-12 13:39:16
Problem Connecting to JScape SFTP Server8TorOlav2009-01-08 13:11:38
right click in favorites causes program to terminate2iberkner2008-12-19 23:48:12
Transfer problems9rstearns2008-12-16 19:15:57
cannot download file from z/OS USS8myersjj2008-12-11 21:25:06
Favorites Window Crashes3acollis2008-11-26 23:50:16
SmartFTP is constantly locking up or crashing4derril2008-11-24 07:21:48
Custom Commands - Cant add new lines3Pastoweb2008-11-22 08:00:09
File listing not showing2camcamnz2008-11-14 00:12:30
distorted appearance with 120 DPI and very large font5LucMa2008-11-06 02:03:08
History Toolbar Doesn't Accept New IP's That Are "Mostly Ambiguous"1zuchjere2008-10-28 19:48:40
Can't install - Windows installer problem on Vista 64-bit5kruechten2008-10-20 11:17:07
Changing local file location when editing3bl4nk2008-10-03 21:04:00
Download does not work2bluecrystal2008-09-28 12:32:28
Drop Folders problem4Bozster2008-09-26 13:59:37
SmartFTP won't log and won't transfer3Rick Van Thiel2008-09-25 00:20:40
Error when using via External Drive9sawsan222008-09-24 14:44:13
[strange issue] - Favorites text is invisible3yyilmaz2008-09-19 03:45:12
Priority list FXP5urkel2008-09-18 03:20:11
Random Crash - no apparent pattern12darkwing2008-09-16 01:11:16
Folder View In Panes For Remote Browser Doesn't Work2keith104562008-09-11 14:23:51
Eigenschaftendialog, Elemente falsch positioniert2sk902008-09-07 16:06:43
Favorites window flickers...6kkez2008-09-05 09:13:40
Transfer icons unavailable - but drag and drop works4darkwing2008-09-05 01:32:08
view or remote edit edits wrong file6tonylukac2008-09-01 23:21:52
crash when uploading with transfer queue5danifer2008-08-30 12:50:36
copy url doesnt work from the transfer queue3Obliterator2008-08-28 15:46:56
Crash on selecting View log on item in transfer queue8danifer2008-08-28 10:00:06
Crash when saving during remote editing in 3.0.1021.159danifer2008-08-19 11:42:27
no file found4jasmic2008-08-14 23:30:05
Drag and drop broken3davemarks2008-08-13 14:23:53
SmartFTP errors after RDP Session2davemarks2008-08-13 14:21:22
Can not upload files2nabekubo2008-08-07 08:02:28
Transfer icons disabled, but transfer possible by drag and drop6ruirib2008-08-01 11:00:08
download arrow not visible2beachgeek2008-07-31 05:31:25
Escape On Confirm Dialogs2sstriano2008-07-30 20:07:24
Cannot upload files by dragging from local to remote window49xb2008-07-30 07:47:46
Cannot list files7snowofmarch2008-07-30 06:46:42
Windows Vista issues3Carlospr2008-07-23 23:25:50
Remote Edit problem, Cannot use Notepad++32andyman772008-07-22 19:41:40
Search - Drag and drop wrong place14bigorangemachine2008-07-16 20:31:37
Renaming a local file a second time doesn't work in 3.0.1019.112AndrewRH2008-07-15 23:13:41
Crash when changing Favorites location4zzzing2008-07-14 15:40:26
z/OS issue and some other issues4zsmart@wcrpg.com2008-07-11 17:22:12
Strange first-drag fails to upload, second time works4skatterbrainz2008-07-09 22:27:43
Domain name resolution error4Edtech2008-07-08 07:26:39
Can't create new folders or favourites in Manage Favorite screen9jesus20992008-07-01 09:46:57
x64 Version - Local Navigation: My Computer Won't Work3SteveCo2008-06-26 20:36:46
How can I set the remote destination5pmartijn2008-06-25 21:24:26
Unable to upload from network drive using 316james.king@4act.com2008-06-25 20:01:48
SmartFTP does not load up at all2meekamoo2008-06-25 09:17:25
Can't transfer AT ALL7danielpark2008-06-24 19:41:24
Drag and drop Uploads to the root (wrong place)5bigorangemachine2008-06-24 17:49:40
Vista32 and Changing Permissions4aknight2008-06-24 13:55:05
Unnatural sorting for numbers with leading zeros12Cerbera2008-06-24 07:02:32
Case (In)Sensativity Bug3pushedx2008-06-24 05:46:07
Can't install the new version of SmartFTP3MicoMaco2008-06-23 02:53:16
CRC Transfer Integrity Check fails - Case sensitive?4jimmi2008-06-20 01:32:13
Folder view cannot display2snowofmarch2008-06-17 11:29:39
Can't open Custom Commands Edit pane2Pastoweb2008-06-17 10:04:24
Bildvorschau nicht vollständig2gieri2008-06-16 16:12:06
Upload problem - uploads same file perpetually8robguay2008-06-16 15:39:26
Sorting16appyface2008-06-12 17:08:40
Quirky view when viewing a Zip file using SmartFTP on Vista5Mathachew2008-06-06 22:35:59
UPLOAD PROBLEMS4fabian2008-06-06 13:33:52
Download restarts after completion3kandyman2008-06-05 16:36:18
Upload problem - uploads same file perpetually4nmg1962008-06-04 13:18:36
File Properties in Unix display wrong GROUP4dfimble2008-06-03 11:42:59
Folder contents not displaying7lumdev2008-06-03 08:43:00
Favourites bug/problem9nmg1962008-05-28 09:07:25
File Date/Time Not Preserved on Upload3wylykyotee2008-05-26 10:30:12
Delete Site: Shows Registry Key? Rather than Filename2SteveCo2008-05-23 23:45:34
CWD not working?4Pastoweb2008-05-23 16:04:40
Vista installation2xoaxe2008-05-23 15:54:45
3.0.1016.7 problems on W2K3percepts2008-05-23 00:53:46
Drag & drop of multiple files3koolworld2008-05-22 15:38:40
Several problems4lumulua2008-05-21 16:52:06
No transfers and no error messages20froamer2008-05-21 10:14:11
beim Start falscher Reiter markiert...3sk902008-05-19 23:48:31
Gesamtanzahl der Elemente6sk902008-05-18 19:57:36
Can't transfer files via drag & drop or menu7Neural2008-05-18 17:02:38
program Crashes contantly with new release8compcaddy2008-05-17 06:50:08
Resume failed if destination file is 0 bytes3dumboi2008-05-16 11:09:58
Favorites Drag and Drop = Crash6SteveCo2008-05-15 19:13:22
Custom commands problem12LordX2008-05-12 18:25:08
No matter what it crashes9Dynamostar2008-05-10 23:22:37
Cannot open, edit or view files - sfFTPShellExtension Unknown Error29rolij2008-05-10 08:31:41
CPU Usage25robcolburn2008-05-08 17:20:44
Edit multiple files4skitch2008-05-06 17:47:11
3.0.1015.5 does not handle z/OS HFS correctly2jeffdutton2008-05-04 17:02:48
Log window, wont show3and19452008-05-04 09:03:53
Timeout for hash checks not set for multipart transfers6frustr8d2008-05-03 02:01:19
No files listed in remote browser4nagy@hwcn.org2008-05-02 01:14:21
Size display format not changing4JASR2008-05-01 11:07:16
"File exist" check failure in 3.0.1015.x2Whiteshark2008-04-30 11:58:46
Command-Line Execution2brackmann2008-04-28 15:07:36
Multipart transfers ignore automatic rules10frustr8d2008-04-28 01:47:09
Can't restore backup?5Krusty2008-04-27 03:45:36
Speed graph has high value (18014398509481984.0 KB/s)2AndrewRH2008-04-26 23:19:55
SmartFTP opens the Editor and closes itself16poncho2008-04-24 13:49:29
Quick folder -> new folder -> name overwritten4xlp5122008-04-24 11:31:35
can't select multiple files on remote browser4assist2008-04-24 04:07:34
remote tree not scrolling - bug or on purpose?5derril2008-04-22 22:09:36
Cannot login when password is only stored in session2onno2008-04-21 20:40:38
SmartFTP freezes when opening, listing directory4eh4442008-04-20 03:09:53
Ordner umbenennen im TreeView abbrechen2sk902008-04-19 10:09:25
Remote Tree Not Refreshing26chrusion2008-04-19 02:16:10
frage-dialog beim löschen einer datei2sk902008-04-18 18:49:57
Problems Uploading and Downloading12nilocor2008-04-14 14:18:12
Crash due to DEP2lproche2008-04-12 10:45:23
Remote Edit -> Ultra Edit still not working3tuigii2008-04-12 07:46:34
Upload problem?8epikftp2008-04-11 17:53:10
Freezing on loading directory listing3Packet10092008-04-11 11:50:57
Apply to this folder, subfolder and files - doesnt include folders3bramtops2008-04-10 13:49:08
Quick Folders -> Insert crash3intro2008-04-10 08:59:44
Movinmg files on the remote server7bernardch2008-04-09 20:07:09
Can't drag files from temporary queue into Explorer windows4Jordan Bradford2008-04-09 19:15:11
Can't rename remote files5Jordan Bradford2008-04-09 19:09:18
Remote/Local Browser Transfer not working correctly4jwciii2008-04-08 23:18:16
SmartFTP not shutting Down properly4ASUService2008-04-07 20:35:11
SmartFTP Client has stopped working3awesmdiver2008-04-04 22:13:35
Remote Edit problem4negsftp2008-04-02 17:50:04
Unable to browse remote folders or upload5EthylMormon2008-03-31 15:34:58
upload re-cycling6viggaz2008-03-31 14:46:44
maximize on 2nd monitor4rritchey2008-03-31 13:38:37
Del key does nothing in remote browser14D-Kalck2008-03-29 23:52:39
Folder View - Not able to display3dfimble2008-03-28 12:14:33
Can't up- or download files3hasseo2008-03-28 08:28:30
Symbolic Links on FTP server4freebsd2008-03-28 05:32:44
sym links not working in sftp7derril2008-03-27 23:41:14
Is there no way to Prompt when File Already Exists?2skhetarp2008-03-27 16:38:03
Upload problems when switched to V33urpressing2008-03-27 16:37:57
Unable to Download/Upload Files3Starlitdragon2008-03-27 05:50:53
Z/OS Invalid Dataset Type on the Upload18cthights2008-03-27 02:16:13
Upload repeating10trebuchet2008-03-26 13:30:58
'Out of memory' when opening local browser7Patriot2008-03-26 13:25:17
Uploading file just won't budge from the transfer queue2charlessoper2008-03-25 19:53:36
Remote Open/View/Open With, Options Does Not Open18skhetarp2008-03-25 17:24:36
The "Default action" in the "File exists" dialog shows 4 empty options.5bramtops2008-03-25 12:44:56
Remote edit - just opens parent folder of app9phw1982008-03-25 12:04:01
Smart FTP keeps trying to upload the same file5nosehat2008-03-24 23:57:14
Changing Folder adds / automatically12timonb2008-03-24 17:53:06
Time offset38jerkynet2008-03-24 15:56:33
Version 3 Upgrade lost my Favorites2mju@undw.demon.co.uk2008-03-24 10:32:06
No Upload with Version 3 (sticky topic locked)3ccdesan2008-03-24 00:03:58
Version Portable13foupoudave2008-03-23 13:11:33
Folders Pane doesn't refresh2MilitantHippy2008-03-23 11:04:46
no upload when upgrade to 3.0.10104spitcock2008-03-22 12:56:39
transfer .jpg file 5MB problem2walterg2008-03-22 10:53:51
incorrect file size3walterg2008-03-22 10:06:13
Upload Problems1mb2008-03-22 00:47:30
Uploading files is repeating8REGREG2008-03-20 15:54:09
SmartFTP crashes every time I try to upload / download2calidude2008-03-20 12:02:13
Sorting3yli2008-03-20 08:37:40
z/OS2zsmart@wcrpg.com2008-03-19 02:48:54
Loss of D & D from OE5jmack2008-03-18 00:40:23
Remote Editing files other than html4s462202008-03-17 15:39:48
Problems with Editing14::Quick::2008-03-15 00:47:05
Change Monitor in Transfer Queue7uniekje2008-03-13 16:12:36
v3.0 Build 1010.4 - 5. March7replaytv12008-03-06 13:58:21
Not following links correctly5d4vr0s2008-03-06 12:55:07
Uploading / Downloading never works right3sstalder2008-03-06 12:50:43
Filter Bar7xxEIEIOxx2008-03-05 15:13:54
Beta: "" (null) dir name crashes SmartFTP Client4Schnena2008-02-22 09:19:07
Crash on tab close5xxEIEIOxx2008-02-20 21:32:35
Cannot upload20xxEIEIOxx2008-02-20 19:22:55
SmartFTP's explorer10AndyS012008-02-07 20:40:48
edit files 'in place'6AndyS012008-02-07 14:30:01
ReadMe1mb2007-04-07 17:06:58