Several problems

I was using 2.5, I think, before I upgraded to version 3 two weeks ago. Now I'm having several problems. I have SmartFTP on two computers; one is Windows XP and the other is Windows Vista. My main one is Windows Vista. Both are using 3.0.1015. I've tried both 3.0.1015 and the beta (before 3.0.1016 was released).

On both versions, the refresh button does not do anything 1/7 of the time, but it may work occasionally when I spam my F5 button.

On both versions, when I enter a folder that only exists locally, and "Sync Navigation" is enabled, and I create that missing folder on the server later, entering the folder will always give me a blank directory listing. Refresh, as noted in point one, is useless. When I upload files to that now-existing folder, they appear because of that new feature, but once I leave that folder and return, the directory is blank once again.

On my Vista version only, to my knowledge, occasionally creating a new folder crashes Explorer. This could be due to shell extensions I have installed, however, although I have not noticed problems anywhere else.

That's all I can think of right now. I'll try to remember what other problems I have run into. 3.0 feels like the earlier versions of 1.0... buggy =(

Refresh appears to work consistently now.

The second problem is still present for me, however.

Also, the navigation sync isn't as aggressive as it used to be in 2.5. If I switch folders locally too quickly, it loses sync. Then again, this could be a feature.

What do you mean by the 2nd problem?

Unfortunately the sync problem cannot be corrected.