Favorites Window Crashes


This only happens before starting an FTP session. Crash feature new since upgrading 1024.

I have the Favorites Manager docked to the left hand side of the program so it loads upon starting SmartFTP. When it starts, my favorites within the Favorites Window do not show. If I right click in the Window, the program crashes. If I click Favorite -> New (from the Favorites Manager), the menu option to click Folder or Favorite is grayed out.

Work Around:
Once I click a saved Favorite from the SmartFTP Top menu (File, View, Tools, Favorites...), the Manage Favorites menu option becomes present. If I click the Favorite Manager link from the Favorites menu, the saved Favorites appear in the docked Favorites Manager in the left menu. The other menu options that were disabled (from the description above) are also functional.

Please advise and/or fix?