Uploading files is repeating

I'm working with the new release of SmartFTP and for any reason it is not possible to upload files. With all previous versions there were no problems.

After selecting the file(s) from local to the Transfer Queue, the upload starts automatically and seems to be OK. But right after completion the upload starts again and this is repeating all the time.

I need advise, thank you very much in advance!

Below the log:

[16:46:49] Resolving host name "XXX"
[16:46:49] Connecting to XXX Port: 21
[16:46:49] Connected to XXX.
[16:46:49] 220 Welkom op de FTP-server van XXX
[16:46:49] USER XXX
[16:46:49] 331 Password required for REG.
[16:46:49] PASS (hidden)
[16:46:49] 230 Gebruiker XXXis ingelogd.
[16:46:49] SYST
[16:46:49] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[16:46:49] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[16:46:49] FEAT
[16:46:49] 211-Extensions supported:
[16:46:49] AUTH TLS
[16:46:49] PBSZ
[16:46:49] PROT
[16:46:49] CLNT
[16:46:49] MDTM
[16:46:49] MLST type*;size*;created;modify*;
[16:46:49] MODE Z
[16:46:49] PASV
[16:46:49] REST STREAM
[16:46:49] SIZE
[16:46:49] SSCN
[16:46:49] TVFS
[16:46:49] UTF8
[16:46:49] XCRC "filename" SP EP
[16:46:49] XMD5 "filename" SP EP
[16:46:49] 211 End.
[16:46:49] Detected Server Software: Gene6 FTP Server 3.x
[16:46:49] CLNT SmartFTP 3.0
[16:46:49] 200 Noted.
[16:46:49] OPTS UTF8 ON
[16:46:49] 200 UTF8 OPTS ON
[16:46:49] PWD
[16:46:49] 257 "/" is current directory.
[16:46:49] CWD /REG Media
[16:46:49] 250 CWD command successful. "/REG Media" is current directory.
[16:46:49] PWD
[16:46:50] 257 "/REG Media" is current directory.
[16:46:50] MLST Test.jpg
[16:46:50] 550 File or directory not found.

1. Please read the bugreport Readme
2. Post the system information
3. Post step by step instructions on how to reproduce the problem
4. Post the logs from the remot browser and the queue

Thank you. The bug is with the FTP server (MLST command). It says that the file doesn't exist even though it does. You may want to contact the administrator of the FTP server and ask them to upgrade the FTP server software.

I have implemented a workaround in the latest version (.19) which should handle this better. Please try it from:

If it doesn't work please post the log again and the new system information.


Thank you for your feedback. You should still contact the server administrator as the wrong MLST reply may cause other unexpected side effects.