SmartFTP causes Access Violation Error

This is VERY strange.

When I run SmartFTP and FreeCommander at the same time, I get this error 100% of the time.

To reproduce:

FreeCommander is a freeware file manager -- a very good one. Just download it and run it and then put the window aside. I don't think anything else you do with it matters to reproduce this.

Now run SmartFTP (actually, the order you run them doesn't matter).

Go to a remote browser. In this case, I go to my VSP, and I'm looking at the file tree in my remote system.

Now, on the remote system, change a file name or folder name.

I hear a ding in the background--renaming a file on the remote system causes Freecommander to show a "Access violation at address 005B9F0A in module FreeCommander.exe. Read of address FFFFFFFF.

I know that sounds like it's a bug in FreeCommander, but why would it do that when I rename a file on a remote system using FTP? What the heck does FreeCommander have to do with that? What possible local system effect could that be having by using SmartFTP to rename a REMOTE file or folder?

It only seems to make sense if you presume that SmartFTP is doing something and hitting FreeCommander in memory. Or sending some message systemwide that FreeCommander is interpreting, though I don't know why SmartFTP would send a message to my local system about something happening on a remote system.

The nice thing about this is that it's 100% reproduceable. Every time.

It's a bug with FreeCommander. SmartFTP uses the shell notify to communicate with the RemoteBrowser and it seems FreeCommander doesn't play by the rules.