Not following links correctly

This has been in all the version 3 builds I've tried.
One ftp I access has a folder link called /today which redirects to a dated folder under /daily/incoming
When I click on 'today' it invariably tries to go to /today/{date} instead of /daily/incoming/{date}
The log shows the correct directory at one point, but doesn't access it.
Here is the section of the log when it happens.
[07:56:57] CWD /daily/today

[07:56:57] 250 CWD command successful.

[07:56:57] PWD

[07:56:57] 257 "/daily/incoming/20080306" is current directory.

[07:56:58] CWD /daily/today/20080306

[07:56:58] 550 /daily/today/20080306: No such file or directory.

Please post a screenshot showing the Remote Browser. Thank you.

Sorry for not replying sooner, was a little under the weather.

Yes, it works again.