Windows Vista issues

Earlier I installed SmartFTP in my XP PC and then I posted some suggestions here.

Before go home I used the Backup Tool which is a nice idea.

Now at home I installed SmartFTP, but here I have Vista installed:

+- System -----------------------------

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 

Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)

CPU Speed		   : 3400 MHz

Total Memory		: 2047 MB

Free Memory		 : 2047 MB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------

Version			 : 3.0.1020.4

Time Stamp		  : 2008-07-22 03:55:54

Platform			: x86


Days in use		 : 0

+- Application DLL --------------------

sfFTPLib.dll		:

sfFavorites.dll	 :

sfFavoritesShellExtension.dll :

sfTransferQueue.dll :

sfFTPShellExtension.dll :

+- Language ---------------------------

SmartFTP.exe		: 3.0.1020.4

+- Internet Explorer ------------------

Version			 : 7.0.6001.18000

+- Winsock ----------------------------

Winsock			 : 2.2

I used backup tool again to restore my XP settings (all of them).

As soon as I started SmartFTP I got an error message regarding a local folder from a favorite item. Fair, because I don't have the same drive latter at home as I have at work.

However, any new local browser tab didn't work (headers were corrupted and file list was empty).

I used Backup Tool again to reset settings and SmartFTP started to work fine regarding local browser tabs.

IMO the Backup Tool could find in the first place a non existing folder/path and change to a local one avoiding SmartFTP setting corruption or SmartFTP could change the path itself as soon as it finds that one does not exist (anymore).

OK. Now that I have SmartFTP working in my Vista PC I started to use Favorites feature like I did in my XP PC.

Everything was fine until I double click a favorite item: it connected to the remote folder but it also launched Internet Explorer openning the favorite xml file.

I uninstalled, rebooted then installed SmartFTP again but and as soon as I double click a favorite item not only SmartFTP connects to the remote location but it also starts IE openning the favorite xml file.

Right now I think this is a bug... So can you help me?

Other than that SmartFTP seems to work fine.

Hello ..

1. Go to the start menu and select Run...
2. Enter regedit.exe
3. Then delete the registry key at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP

As a general rule you cannot use the backup tool to export the settings in Windows XP and import them in Windows Vista. It works for the favorites but not for other things. If you want to move your favorites you can just copy them to a usb drive. They are all regular files.


Hi md

Thank you very much!

SmartFTP is working 100% now.

Please, please think about the context menu suggestion as an option so you don't let your current users (that like the current feature) upset. It'll just extend SmartFTP shell integration for users like me, that have a different need and work in a different way than the shell was coded for.

Thank you in advance!