Can't drag files from temporary queue into Explorer windows

Build 3.0.1012.0
Windows 2000 SP4

I used to be able to drag files from remote folders into the temporary queue and then drag the files from the queue into a local Windows Explorer window. This would move the files into the transfer queue and they'd end up on the local machine wherever I dragged them, including the Desktop and mapped network drives. In SmartFTP 3, this no longer works -- I have to create a local browser window within SmartFTP, and it is only this window that accepts drag/drop commands from the temporary queue.

So, if I have an Explorer window already open to where I want to put files, I can't use it with the queue.

Bug confirmed. It affects all operating system.

Please try it again with the latest version (.16):

You may need to restart the computer after the installation.


It's working now. Thanks!