Multipart transfers ignore automatic rules

When a file is set for multipart transfer, it ignores any of the "file exists" rules in place, always overwriting.

This is by design. The transfer is resumed if aborted but it cannot resume a partly transferred file if you didn't use multi part transfers before. If the size of the remote file is suddenly different from the saved size in the metadata the file will be restarted from 0. These are some of the reasons why I recommended not to use multi part transfers. You need to understand a bit of the concept before you transfer every file in multiple parts. It is only recommended for large files that do not change on the remote server.

But maybe we can improve some specific situations. Could you please describe your scenario in detail?


Not being able to resume in a different mode is understandable. The issue is that if the file already exists in the destination, it is always overwritten. Normally (at least in my configuration) it would check if the files are the same based on a hash check or size and date etc. then skip if necessary.

Hmm .. it resumes here. How did you test it?


Oh, yes, it resumes if I abort and restart a multipart transfer. The problem is that it always overwrites if the file exists in the destination prior to any transfers taking place.

Yep that's what I wrote earlier. But I can change this if it solves your problems.


Yes, please do. It was surprising to see a file I had already downloaded being restarted. Being able to add a whole folder on the server and just have it update (skipping done files) to the destination is very handy.

This is agreeably an advanced functionality and likely not often used. I imagine you don't want to spend many resources on something like this but I really appreciate you adding it and adjusting it to your customer's needs. Thanks.

Please try it again with the latest version. Resume should work now when changing from single part transfers to multi part transfers.

I would appreciate your feedback;-)


It works great!

Wow, with the new search function and all, SmartFTP is really becoming THE ftp client. And I've tried them ALL.... (hence the username)


Thank you for your feedback. If you have any problems please let us know ;-)