Cannot login when password is only stored in session

Since the launch of 3.0, I've been experiencing problems with logging in for some of my favourites. Now it appears that this specifically happens for favourites for which I always enter the password manually instead of storing them in the favourite itself (for security reasons).

So, in short:

  1. Create a favourite, and enter all details *except* for the password (so *do* fill in the user name).
  2. Open the favourite. SmartFTP asks for credentials. Choose to store the password only in the "session", and click OK.
  3. SmartFTP tries to log in, but fails to do so. If it does log in, it's impossible to transfer anything (the log then again mentions something along the lines of "cannot login")
Enter your password in the favourite, then open the favourite, and clear the password afterwards

I hope this is enough for you to find & fix this --- if not, please let me know.

Thanks a huge lot for a great piece of software!