Edit multiple files

Am working or writing a module for a php CMS and am having a problem editing multiple files with the same name. What happens is I open the first file named index.php to be edited and the queue starts monitoring it like it should. Next I goto open the second file to edit and the transfer queue replaced the first index.php file its monitoring with the second of the same name. Both index.php files are in seperate folders on the server but the queue assigns the edit to the same temp directory with the same temp folder name so it overwrites the first temp file.

Any way I can fix this or is it just not possible to edit 2 files of the same name from different locations on the server?

I think I've found the bug. The bug fix will be in the next build.

This only happens if you have long folder names where only the last part changes slightly. e.g.


sweet thanks for the reply! look forward to the next update