Loss of D & D from OE

I didn't see this mentioned, sorry if it's a dupe.

(Win2K SP4, IE6 with matching OE)

After installing Beta 3 (whatever was current as of 06 March), I could no longer drag attachments from Outlook Express to any Windows folder. I didn't immediately make the connection to SmartFTP because it had been a few days since I needed to D&D an attachment...

After much sleuthing I discovered that you'd installed a custom ShellDropHandler, which apparently causes this behavior.

The only thing that cured it was a complete uninstall of Beta 3. Too bad, because I really need SFTP and it was working well.

Good luck with this and I hope to hear of a fix.


Bug confirmed. Thank you for reporting it. Fix should be available tomorrow.

Yep that's correct. Windows Mail suffers exactly from the same problem. They always return S_OK for the QueryGetData() function regardless of the clipboard format requested.Thus SmartFTP assumed that the dataobject contained SmartFTP's custom data and treated the dataobject as its own.