can't select multiple files on remote browser

Since installing version 3.0.1013.8 i can't select a group of files on the remote browser but only one by one (for download etc)
Is there a solution to this problem?

I was able to reproduce this once immediately after a windows restart and as the first thing I did:

1. Open SmartFTP
2. Connect to site (I used a favorite)
3. Selected first file in the browser
4. Ctrl + clicked on the second item
Only the second item was selected
5. Ctrl + click on the third item
Only the third item was selected

I them proceeded to press ctrl + a and all the files and folders were selected.

It hasn't happened again.

tried a reboot - didn't help
no multi-select works: CTRL+click, nor CTRL+A, nothing

I'm unable to reproduce it on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Assist: Please install the latest version from: