Dear SmartFTP User,

As we appreciate every flaw of the SmartFTP program you may come across to be reported, there are some steps we wish you to abide by. Please take a moment to review the following sections when creating your new topic or replying to an existing one. Taking a moment to do this will save valuable time, for not only us the SmartFTP Team, but yourself as well.
Check List
  • Verify if the bug exists after an Uninstall/Reinstall, followed by rebooting your PC.
  • Verify that the bug has not already been stated in the Known Issues thread.
  • Verify the existing open threads in the bug-report forum.
  • Verify if the bug has been fixed already, by installing the latest Beta Build
  • Changes for the Beta build(s) can be viewed in the Change Log threads.
Supplying Information
  1. Provide your "System Information" from SmartFTP:Menu: Help > About > System Info -> "Copy To Clipboard".
  2. Provide the logs from the Remote Browser and the Transfer Queue:KB: How To get the logs
  3. Provide a screenshot showing the problem if applicable:KB: How to post a screenshot?
  4. If SmartFTP crashes provide a crash dump:;KB: How to collect crash reports
  5. Provide complete step-by-step instructions on how-to reproduce the crash or bug. You can use screen capture software to record your actions into an .avi file.Screen Capture Software:;Camstudio (Freeware. Recommended but does not work on x64);Camtasia Studio (Shareware);Screen Recorder (Shareware);ScreenGet (Shareware)
  • If you are experiencing more than one bug, then create one bug-report per thread.
  • When creating a new topic, use a constructive name, such as "IP Repeater Bug".
Thank you.
The SmartFTP Team.