Drag and drop Uploads to the root (wrong place)

I have this weird drag and drop problem

I upload the files to a folder I have open (into the right pane of the remote viewer). I say overwrite or whatever
The files go into the queue but has no directory string. I.E. its suppose to go to the httpdocs/images/ folder but instead goes to the root (/ folder). When I do single files its fine. When I do multiple files it is not.


WinXP Professional SP2

Please install the latest version from:

It it doesn't work please be more specific on how to reproduce the problem.


Hey thanks
Could you guys update this tread (https://www.smartftp.com/forums/Upload-P ... 14153.html) to say which version (3.0.1018.3) is the most current. I only downloaded this on Sunday (22nd) so I thought I had the latest version.

You can close this thread.

You can close this thread.