File icons in browsers & remote bookmarks

SmartFTP 3.0.1026.32, trial. Russian localization 3.0.1026.20. Windows XP SP3

1. Sometimes file icons disappear, in remote browser then in local also. It happens unpredictably. I cannot reproduce it however I've seen it a few times already.

2. All saved bookmarks are gone when SmartFTP is launched next time

Try it with the English localization.

I removed russian localization.

Bookmarks still get deleted.
I add a bookmark, close SmartFTP, check xml-file - it's there. I open SmartFTP again, connect to that favourite, go to bookmarks - empty list. Close SmartFTP, check xml-file - no bookmarks.

Confirmed and fixed. The bug fix will be available in the next version.

Now bookmarks work as expected, thanks

As for disappearing file icons - I will make a screenshot when it happens next time.
Maybe russian localization is to blame - it's not perfect anyway.

Regarding the missing icons. Please only test with the English translation.

The Russian translation is not up-to-date and cannot be used with the latest version of SmartFTP.