Remote/Local Browser Transfer not working correctly

SmartFTP 3.0.1012.13 not working correctly. When transferring to the Mainframe within an HFS segment, the type settings (e.g. Auto,Ascii,Binary) do not function correctly. In older versions of SmartFTP (e.g. 2.5) one could select ASCII mode and transfer a file between a Windows Machine and the Mainframe without a problem. This option would convert the file between EBCDIC and ASCII correctly. Now, I can transfer to Windows (local browser) fine. EBCDIC will be converted to ASCII. However, when tranferring to Mainframe (OS/390 within remote browser) it always transfers with type I. Therefore, ASCII is always sent and never converted to EBCDIC. Moreover, the BINARY mode sometimes converts between EBCDIC and ASCII. It should NEVER convert the file.

Working on the bug fix.