Filter Bar

I see in the changelog for Build 1010.4 that it says "Added Filter Bar to Remote Browser". This did show for me in Build 1010.2, but is no longer showing in 1010.3 or 1010.4. Tested on 2 Vista machines and 1 XP.

How about you enable it after you have closed it? Menu: View->Toolbars->Filter

Well, that does seem to resolve the issue, though I never closed it. It only showed by default for me on the 1010.2 version, so I assumed something went wrong in the 1010.3 and later. Thanks for your time.

I have noticed that if you open the Filter Bar, it does not remember the setting, and it is closed again each time you launch the program. Is this by design, or should it remember the setting and stay open?

Hello ..

Yep it's a bug. The state doesn't save yet. Thank you for pointing this out.


Confirmed, working now. Thanks.