Error with extension

Hello !

When you upload a file under Windows 7 (build 7000, x64), the extension is not always correctly read, and the file uploaded don't have extension.

I don't understand your problem. Can you please explain?

Please install the latest beta version:


If I upload "toto.txt", the file create on the server is only "toto", the ".txt" extension has dispear. But it's not always. It occurs if the extension is knew by the operating system. If Windows don't know the extension, the file is correctly named on the sever. I try to activate the displaying of the extension in the explorer, but this don't resolve the problem.
SmartFTP fail to test the existence of a file because it compare "toto" with "toto.txt" and don't found the correct file.

I have the 3.0.1026.2, but I was the same bug with the current stable version.

This problem only occurs on Windows 7?

This problem existed under Windows Vista but was corrected. Now, it's only with Windows 7.

I'm unable to reproduce the problem with Windows 7 Build 7000.

Perhaps only with the x64 version ? I use SmartFTP in x64.

I have installed the build 7048 of Windows 7, and the bug have disapeared...

Good to know ;-) Thanks for the feedback.