Uploading / Downloading never works right

Everytime I try to do a file transfer rather it be upload or download, rather it be drag and drop or right click -> upload or download the file just sits in the transfer queue and does nothing. It has worked a couple times if I wait more than 5 minutes or so but that is completely unecessary. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and I have the same issue. Can someone shed some light on this?

Double-click on the queue item to get the log.

Before posting again please take a look at the forum readme on how to post a proper bug report. Thank you.

I did try to get the log several times, it is never written to. Always blank. I just uninstalled to go back to 2.5 so I can do some work.

Windows Vista Utlimate x32 - All windows updates installed, no security software or firewalls installed or active.
Nvidia 780i Chipset / Q660 CPU / 4 GB OCZ RAM

Should be enough information as I doubt it is hardware related.