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Known Server Bugs

Server   Bug
??? - 2.0.1 MDTM returns date/time for non existent files 
??? - Protected data connection fail when using SSL control session id.
Workaround: Upgrade to latest version of vsftpd or disable protected data transfers
- 1.0.21 SITE UTIME does not set correct date/time
See Details
Fixed in version 1.0.27
- 1.0.21 MLSD does not always return hidden files.
Workaround: Disable MLSD
all versions

Wrong reply code (226) when there is a write error:

STOR 2235.png
150 Accepted data connection
176 bytes transferred. (1.84 MB/s) (91 ms)
226-Error during write to file
226 Transfer aborted

??? - 1.3.0 MDTM returns local time instead of UTC time
Addonics NASu2  
??? SIZE returns 2xx (instead of 5xx) for directories.
Reference: 4. File SIZE in the RFC 3659.

VMS TCPware V5.7-2
VMS MultiNet V5.1(91)

SIZE returns wrong size.
Note to VMS developers: Please see paragraph 4. File SIZE in the RFC 3659.

IIS FTP Server


all versions

MDTM fails if the file name looks like a date.

current version

The server returns the wrong error reply when a file cannot be found: 
MLST BP info for 3 cardholders.pdf 
501 Not a valid pathname.

The 501 reply is wrong. 501 is for syntax errors. From the RFC: 
>501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

The correct error code is either 550 or 450. Reference: 
450 Requested file action not taken: file unavailable 
(e.g. file not found, no access) 
550 Requested action not taken: file unavailable (e.g. 
file busy)


as of 1st February 2019

The server's (and/or the proxy's) TLS implementation is broken and is not compatible with Microsoft Window's Schannel implementation.

Workaround: Use SFTP over SSH




The server returns 2 replies for the RETR command when the file cannot be found.

227 Entering Passive Mode (1,2,3,4,7,216)
Opening data connection to Port: 2008
RETR a.xml
550 /OUT/a.xml: No such file or directory.
The system cannot find the file specified.
MLST b.xml
226 Transfer complete. 0 bytes (0 compressed to 0.00%) transferred. 0.00 actual KB/sec, 0.00 effective KB/sec.
Unexpected server reply.

The server send the 550 reply and then another 226 reply.


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