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Append/Restart not permitted, try again

You may receive the following error message from the FTP server when trying to transfer a file:
Append/Restart not permitted, try again

The FTP server denies clients to restart/resume an interrupted transfer.

Enable restarts/resumes of uploads and downloads on the server side. You may need to contact the server administrator or the web hosting company to request this change.

Special Case: proftpd
By default proftpd denies clients to restart/resume interrupted uploads (AllowStoreRestart). But it allows clients to restart/resume interrupted downloads (AllowRetrieveRestart). This causes the REST command to appear in the FEAT reply and SmartFTP assumes that restart is supported. Thus SmartFTP tries to restart the transfer and fails because the FTP server doesn't allow it.


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rest restart append proftpd

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