SmartFTP FTP Library
sfFTPLib Library

This is namespace sfFTPLib.

This is record sfFTPLib::_HRESULT. 
This is record sfFTPLib::DownloadFlags. 
LIST option 
This is record sfFTPLib::SFTPItemAttribute. 
This is record sfFTPLib::SFTPItemAttributeBit. 
Please refer to the RFC 4252 The Secure Shell (SSH) Authentication Protocol for further details. 
This is record sfFTPLib::UnixPermissions. 
Event dispatch interface for the IFTPConnection interface.

Technical Details
All events are synchronous. Depending on the class providing the _IFTPConnectionEvents interface, events are fired from different threads. The FTPConnectionSTA fires all events from the main thread, the FTPConnectionMTA class fires the events from a worker thread.

Event dispatch interface for SFTPConnection. 
This is class sfFTPLib::_ISSHConnectionEvents. 
This is class sfFTPLib::IFTPConnectionEvents. 
This is class sfFTPLib::ISFTPConnectionEvents. 
This is class sfFTPLib::ISSHConnectionEvents. 
This is class sfFTPLib::ITransferProgressEvents. 
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