SmartFTP FTP Library
IFTPPortPool Interface

This interface is implemented by the FTPPortPool class.

interface IFTPPortPool : IDispatch;

The FTPPortPool class is a singleton and can be used to limit the ports IFTPConnection is using to open an active data connection (PORT). To use the port pool, set the port range and limit the ports by setting the LimitLocalPortRange property of the IFTPConnection interface to true.


Dim objFTP
Set objFTP = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.FTPPortPool")
objFTP.SetRange(5000, 5032)
Set objFTP = Nothing



var objFTP = new ActiveXObject("sfFTPLib.FTPPortPool");
objFTP.SetRange(5000, 5032);



CFTPPortPool ftp = new CFTPPortPool();
ftp.SetRange(5000, 5032);



#import "libid:7A3A786C-EB8C-43b3-BC10-8D09ACF5D195"
// Note: Uncomment for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
//#import "C:\Program Files\SmartFTP FTP Library\sfFTPLib.dll"

sfFTPLib :: IFTPPortPoolPtr m_PortPool;

if (SUCCEEDED(m_PortPool.CreateInstance(__uuidof(sfFTPLib::FTPPortPool))))
  m_PortPool->SetPortRange(5000, 5032);
IFTPPortPool Methods 
Gets the next port from the port pool.
If the end position of the range is reached it starts from the beginning again. 
Sets the port range specified by the nMin and nMax arguments. 
IFTPPortPool Properties 
Returns the maximum port of the port range. 
Returns the minimum port of the port range. 
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