Latest download not working on my PC


2011-06-02 11:26:32

I have reinstalled my pc and am now trying to reinstall SmartFTP

I have downloaded the latest version and it seems to install ok but when I try and run it, I get the following error

Please can you let me know how to solve this or how to download an older version

Many thanks




2011-06-02 11:33:14

Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide a crash dump? ... f2594.html

The "If SmartFTP crashes" paragraph is relevant in your case and you have to enable the "ShowDebugMessage":
"If SmartFTP crashes during startup. Download the archive and double click the ShowDebugMessage - Enable.reg."

Please let us know if you need any assistance with that.


2011-06-02 12:26:50

Thank you for such a quick response.

I have run debug and am uploading it now

I will email the link to as soon as the upload finishes

Best regards


2011-06-02 12:45:02

Thank you.


2011-06-02 15:35:03