transfer files to server

Hello Mat
Good Morning
I want to ask you again for the same question? I Craete my website from

tools. And at the end the project must be as a part of . Fore example if

my website keyword is about = fishing = the link must be :-
For that reason i began the steps.
file>new remote browser>>user name>password (suppose that the

hypervre must the location which my project placed on
file>new locale browser>C:\document and setting\output>fishing . And second step

transfer the fishing files to server (hypervre) or drag and drop the fishing folder to the

server, but I'm not able to access to server, what is the error for these steps ? I don't

know . but I need your assistance if that possible, for how I could upload my fishing

files (folder) to
I have a domain name and hosting account but as I know from hypervre guide the

project (fishing) must a part of hypervre