SmartFtp Hangs

Hi, I'm heavily using SmartFtp to synchronize file between folders. I have redundant tasks in my transfer Queue, checking every X minutes for new files, and move then to local folder. From times to times (from 2 hours to 1 week) SmartFTP hangs, the entire window goes blank, and the only way to do is killing the process in the task manager.

In the current example I'm working on, my item in my transfer queue have a 2 minute redundancy trigger, and pull about 10 files (<1Mb) every 15 minutes, using MODE Z.

I've been working with this kind of automated transfer with smartFTP since one year (with redundancy from 5 minutes to 1 day, 1 to 500 files a day, with and without MODE Z activated, from 1kb to 500Mb files, on XP and Win2K, with transfer queue with 1 to 100 item) and always had this issue, with the same "random/no" explanation from me. Some build were more stable than others but none of the ones I've tested were perfect from this point of view :|

I can, of course, provide you any material to help you to resolve this issue, feel free to ask.

It's most likely a dead lock. To debug the problem we need a hang dump.

You can take the process dump as soon as the application becomes unresponding. Please take a look at this article: ... f2594.html

Instead of using the command describe in the article above use this one:
"%ProgramFiles%\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\adplus.vbs" -hang -pn SmartFTP.exe -o C:\Dump


Of course, no hungs since I'm waiting for on to dump it!

I'll up the post as soon as I have new input.

Thanks for your fast reply Mat,

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