Conntected to remote server - can't see folders

Wise and Wordly ftp Experts,

I am connected to a remote server, but I can't see the (sub) folders / directory structure.

I have been able to do this before with other not-so-Pro client programs, so I am guessing that I am screwing up somehow.

I have hit the 'explore' icon, which seems to imply that it will provide a view of the next lower 'tier' of folder(s), but that doesn't do anything.

This same thing happened with another server. Somebody told me to log in and upload to a certain folder. I logged in, but I couldn't see any folders at all.

This answers forum totally rocks, btw.



Do you see the "public_html" folder in the left tree view in SmartFTP? Or did you manually enter this into the path input box?

Try to remove the directory listing options ([x] Show All Files and [x] Resolve Symbolic Links) as described in this article: ... -f137.html

The result is that SmartFTP sends the LIST command without the -aL arguments. Please post the new log after you have made the changes.