SmartFTP kills Windows Explorer on repeated searches

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Am using SmartFTP to locate and delete a number of files from an AIX server.

(Please let me know if I missed a "flatten" or "browse flat" command as I didn't see one, that would do nicely if there is one.)

I decided to use "search" to get a flat view of a folder structure. I selected a directory, typed "*" in the "search" box and started the search.

If the number of files and folders returned from the search was relatively small, there was no problem. If the search found a large number of files and folders, Windows Explorer terminated with the following message. (This error also happened after executing several small but successful searches back to back.)

(Title bar) Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

Windows Explorer terminates then restarts, but subsequent searches in SmartFTP do not return any results to the screen, although the log window shows they are executing. The only way I have found to restore functionality, is to reboot the PC.

I have a screenshot if you need to see it.

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Please post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information"

Here it is:

+- System -----------------------------
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)

CPU Speed : 1795 MHz
Total Memory : 998 MB
Free Memory : 382 MB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------
Version : 3.0.1022.21
Time Stamp : 2008-09-07 05:52:16
Platform : x86
Id : 400054293
Days in use : 218

+- Application DLL --------------------
sfFTPLib.dll :
sfFavorites.dll :
sfFavoritesShellExtension.dll :
sfTransferQueue.dll :
sfFTPShellExtension.dll :
SmartFTPPS.dll : 3.0.1022.21

+- Language ---------------------------
SmartFTP.exe : 3.0.1022.21

+- Internet Explorer ------------------
Version : 7.0.5730.11

+- Winsock ----------------------------
Winsock : 2.2


Thank you. Can you please download and install the latest version and try it again?

If you encounter a crash please collect the crash dump as described here: ... f2594.html

Use the following command line instead of the one in the article:
cscript "%ProgramFiles%\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\adplus.vbs" -crash -FullOnFirst -pn Explorer.exe -o C:\Dump


Will do. Thanks.


(P.S. Haven't forgotten about my Hummingbird thread... just have been swamped and haven't had time to get back to it yet. Don't give up on me. :-)

Still no crash from SmartFTP, it still keeps going. Just same Windows Explorer runtime message, Windows Explorer termination, and Windows Explorer restart. SmartFTP 3.0.1022.35 now.

Ideas? Thanks,

Yes please collect the crash report now as described in article I sent in my previous post.


Sorry, Mat, I misunderstood, I thought you meant if SmartFTP crashed...

OK I've re-run and collected the dump from Explorer. I am on a private network in a private company and would prefer not to post a link here, in case there is any identifying information in the dump. Can you provide me with a way to email or upload a ZIP file to you? Please email me privately if you like.

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Can you upload it to and then send an email with the link to support(at)

Thank you.