SmartFTP does starts downloads again instantly after completing


2008-05-28 13:47:42

I'm using SmartFTP 3.0.1016.7 and have a wired problem with on of our servers. When I do a download SmartFTP instantly downloads it again when it is finished. To get my download I have to make the file which is downloaded write protected as soon as it ends.

I havn't had this problem before and also I did no changes on our server. So what's the problem here?


2008-05-28 17:00:54

1. Install the latest version from
2. Post the log from the transfer queue item that is stuck in the Transfer Queue. To get the log from the transfer queue please see the 2nd paragraph in the following article: ... f2564.html


2008-05-29 09:46:23

Installing the newest version fixed the issue