Disable empty folder check


I can't seem to find the option to disable checking if a folder is empty or not when deleting. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

A folder can only be deleted when its empty.

I know there was an option to override this in earlier SmartFTP versions, is there a reason as to why it was removed? As there are times, like right now, when the folder is empty, but SmartFTP still says it's not. I even have hidden files displayed. I am not sure how else I can get the folder removed.

There was never such a setting. You are probably confusing it with the [x] Ignore Empty folders transfer option.

If the folder is not empty it cannot be deleted. This is usually the case if you have insufficient permissions to delete the files inside the folder. The only way to solve this problem is by contacting the server administrator of the server.


Well, I created the folder via SmartFTP, and wanted to delete it. Do you know where I can toggle the option [x] Ignore Empty folders transfer option ?


The option does not help you. As previosuly said it has no effect with the delete.

I understand, but I know for a fact there was a way to delete a folder and all it's contents. Previously, with SmartFTP ( maybe a year ago or so ) I used to be able to delete a whole folder and it's contents without having to delete every file within the folder first.

Perhaps I am just not explaining it correctly.


I think your problem is that you have a folder which contains files/folders you do not sufficient permissions to delete. Please contact the technical support of your web hosting company and ask them to remove the folder for you.


I really don't mean to sound like i'm arguing. But I really don't see the issue being that. I uploaded a folder directly from my computer to my remote site. Wouldn't that be considered an issue with SmartFTP in itself? I have never had any issues with SmartFTP removing all files from a folder itself and then deleting the folder. It usually does this itself. It used to never request me to remove all files manually before removing the folder. I could right click a folder and click delete. It would remove all files in the folder, then delete the folder. I would think this is a basic function of any FTP client?

Sorry again if I seem like I am arguing with you. I just don't see the logic of this.

Gahh, I hate when things start to work after complaining so much . It went through now. It was likely a SmartFTP session stuck. If I come across it again, I will post the log. Thanks.