Not able to Transfer files from one folder to another

I have two virtual folders say 54 & 55 in my server.I want to transfer files from one folder say 54 to 55 to another with out deleting the files from the source folder is 54.
How do I do that ?
More over I copied files from 54 to my local machine & tried to copy them to 55 folder.This is not happening.\
Then I used Filezilla to the same task.i was able to copy files from my local machine to the server's folder

Hello ..

>Server to Server Copy
You cannot copy files from one server to the same server unless your server supports server to servers (FXP) transfers. This is very likely not the case. But if it's possible open 2 remote browsers to the same server and then use drag&drop from one to the other.

>Upload problems
Please take a look at the upload tutorial at:
If this doesn't work for you please post the logs from the remote browser and the transfer queue as described in this article: ... f2564.html