Transfer list not sticking - xml file always blank

When I originally installed smartftp I didn't have this problem, a couple of other problems which have been fixed with the newer versions.

I have smartftp scheduled in MS scheduler, starts okay
The id runs okay, connects to the server and if I drop files into the queue the transfer function starts straight away. I have set the stop at completion of transfer, but because there isn't anything to transfer smartftp keeps running.

How do I get a file list to stick so that it is repeats everytime smartftp runs?

Ian M

Hi Mat,
thank you.

1/. schedule smartftp in MS schedule to start every Saturday at approx 4am
2/. schedule smartftp to run 4 transfers at different times using smartftp scheduler.
3/. set smartftp to close down on completion of transfers.

So in practice this should run every week on Saturday; transfer and update the files, then smartftp should shutdown until the next Saturday?

Ian M

Yep that's the way to do it.

the process I outlined doesn't appear to work. I will set up my licence on a test machine to download every day and see what happens.

SmartFTP started, but didn't copy any files even though there were schedules within SmartFTP.

Ian M

Enable the log in the settings (Menu:Tools->Settings then General->Advanced). Then inspect the log files created by the queue. Use the latest version of SmartFTP.