Connect Problem

I used the trial version without a hitch, I purchased a license and installed SFTP yesterday and now I can not get connected to my site. Very frustrated....wasting time and losing money! Need help. Please have support desk call me at 505.535.2664

Still no help from PREMIUM support....I would not recommend SmartFTP to others. Where is your 1-800 help number????

Please post the log as requested. Without it we cannot help you.


I'm having the same problem...

i cant even get a log file.

When i try to log on... the client says "connecting"

then after a few moments.... it just says "disconnected"

i never had this problem until i bought a license key.

I un-installed and re-installed... somehow all my sites/usernames/passwords... were still in there after this. it seems i can't even clean install b/c SmartFTP does not fully uninstall from my system.

please advise.

SmartFTP trial is working fine on my desktop still... but now im having problems after buying a license for my notebook... when everything worked with the trial.