Error 0x80044450

I get this error - Error 0x80044450 - in the transfer queue.   I can't find any documentation about this anywhere. Anyone have any ideas??

Enable the "Connection logs" ... f2564.html
Connection logs
  1. menu: File - Settings
  2. Go to the General - Advanced dialog
  3. Check Enable log
  4. By default the logs can be found in the %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Log folder
Then look at the generated log files for the detailed error message.
You can also contact support:
menu: File - Help - Request Support

Thanks MB!  I did that and here is what the log is showing.  
2016-02-21T20:09:18Z Operation begin
2016-02-21T20:09:18Z Copying file. Source="C:\Users\WinterinkPhotography\Desktop\test\Gibbons,Grace_mile_ISUClassic2016_10020Reduced.jpg", Destination="::{82AA9188-44E0-40B9-B956-43A10C315B4F}\::{DE1184F0-08DE-418B-A71A-7504A440E672}/~/Gibbons,Grace_mile_ISUClassic2016_10020Reduced.jpg"
2016-02-21T20:09:18Z Getting properties (Size, Date modified) of "C:\Users\WinterinkPhotography\Desktop\test\Gibbons,Grace_mile_ISUClassic2016_10020Reduced.jpg"
2016-02-21T20:09:18Z Item: Size=197364, Date modified=2016-02-20T14:10:13
2016-02-21T20:09:18Z Transfer restarting at position 0.
2016-02-21T20:09:21Z Operation end
2016-02-21T20:09:21Z Error 0x80044450

You are looking at the transfer log (wrong one). Look at the connection log:
%appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Log\Connection
But to me it looks like you are uploading the file to the wrong folder on the server.
is not a valid server path.

Thanks MB,  I looked at the connection log and it turns out I am not being logged into the server at all.  I am thinking the password supplied to me was incorrect and I can get that clarified on monday.  Thanks so much for all your help!!