Smart FTP and my website

I downloaded the SmartFTP with the recommendation from pappashop since it was compatable. I have used SmartFTP in the past and never had a problem (on old computer).
I was hoping to use SmartFTP to help me move my images in bulk from my computer to my cpanel/admin area. Once I finally finished and was ready to go, I got all kinds of errors. I was working on fixing them and then all of a sudden I could no longer access my website or certain areas of pappashop.

I was just wondering if you had any other clients have this same problem and if there were any suggestions or had someone figured out why that happened?

I can get to my website from other computers, just not my own.

any help would be appreciated.


What is your license key id?

i have no idea. I just uninstalled it hoping things would go back to normal...but i was obviously mistaken.

I got a feeling it is just a simple setting someplace that needs to be clicked off or on, but i am just not sure which one or if this is a common problem.


maybe i should download smartftp again and try again? you think that would help?

no luck. I still cannot connect to my website from my computer.

I have no idea what to do now. I can connect from my iphone and other computers, just not from the one that i downloaded SmartFTP to.

i wonder what setting is messed up to make this happen.

Has anyone else had this problem? They can surf the net and do everything else, but go to their own website. Here is my

i have noticed that when i try to go to my site at the bottom of the page instead of the status being it is coming up as my IP address.

any suggestions?