Need to schedule daily transfers

Ok, I think I am missing something here, but I have read several posts and some KB documents.

I need to use SmartFTP to transfer several files to our website daily at a set time -- 6 AM.

I have loaded the client on a Windows 2003 server. I followed the instructions to run as a scheduled task. I have created a new user and have logged on as that user -- I use remote desktop to connect to the server from my desktop.

I go into SmartFTP and login to the web server. I then stop the queue and setup my files for transmission. They all show up in the Transfer Queue window. I then go to the Timer icon and enable the start timer to start at 6AM - recurrence set for one day.

When I click on OK, the files start transferring and they dissapear from the queue window. I also have it to close application when the queue finishes. This all works, but it doesn't work again. It is not restarting itself when it needs to run again.

What am I missing? I am close to making a purchase, but want to make sure this works before purchasing. Also, when I log out of remote desktop and log back in, the Smart FTP client is not running.


Can I create some sort of batch file that will kick off the transfers? I can then add that to scheduled tasks...

1. Make sure that you have a recurring schedule setup. If this is the case the items will not disappear from the queue after they have been processed.
2. Do not set the On Transfer Queue Complete action to close if you have recurring transfers.

Thanks for the reply -- yes I do have recurring setup -- daily.

So, the FTP client always must be running? I thought the purpose of running as a scheduled job would be that the jobs would run even when not logged on.

How do I set this up to automatically run the FTP job I have setup each day at 6am? I most likely will not be logged in and have the client open. This is running on Windows 2003 server. This should be simple, but somehow I am missing it.