Dowloading Issue

Relatively new to Smartftp: I am using the recent build of SmartFTP and when I download a file the file appears to download, but when completed, the file size reduces to a fraction of the actual size and the file is corrupt. This only happens when I transfer a file from an ftp site and try to download to a specific folder on my HD using the download transfer button.

What is strange, is that I can open the file with a given program from the ftp site when using smartftp site (but this is not always desirable when dealing with massive files) and I can download the file from the ftp site using internet explore.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Please post the log from the transfer queue item: ... f2564.html

To get it stop the transfer queue, do the drag&drop operation. Then double click the file in the transfer queue and then start the trasnfer queue.

I do not think the problem is caused by SmartFTP.